Blacksburg, Virginia: around the campus

The Virginia Tech campus is in the middle of Blacksburg, basically west (& northwest & southwest) of downtown.

The Pillory

[The Pillory]

This structure appeared mysteriously beside the University Bookstore in the 1980s and soon began to rust. With no label, it was known only as The Pillory.

In 1991 essential maintenance was undertaken—it was painted sh|t-brown.

Its significance as a monument or part of a ritual space was lost in the mists of time—until now. It's actually a sculpture called Polytech Marker by Beverley Pepper. The brown paint was a mistake.

Tranquil scenes from the south side of the campus

[campus south] [campus south] [campus south]

Gillie's on College Avenue (east of the campus)

[Gillie's on College Avenue]